About Us

Let's get Freaky!

From professional detailers and metal polishers to the gal who simply likes to keep her car clean, we are cut from the same cloth.  A microfiber cloth to be exact.  We take pride in our work.  We love what we do and are addicted to shine of all forms.  It's time to unify under one platform.  Welcome to the Shine Freak Family!


What started SFAC?

Lifestyle brands have been created for hobbies, sports teams and cultures far and wide.  Operating a detailing and polishing company I searched for something to fit my style.  It didn't exist, until now.  I have been there.  Washing in the rain, racing water spots in the sun and even covered in metal polish from head to toe.  I love this industry and will to represent it to the best of my abilities.

-Tyler from Shine Freak Apparel Co